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Kiss & Momoiro Clover
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Added 10/6/2015
Updated 1/16/2018
Poster signed by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from KISS and all five members of Momoiro Clover: Kanako Momota (Red), Shiori Tamai (Yellow), Ayaka Sasaki (Pink), Ren Takagi (Purple) and Momoka Ariyasu (Green).

Momoiro Clover, also known as Momoclo, was the premier music guest at Anime Expo 2015. As Momoclo recently did a single called Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina with KISS, AX management billed the concert as also having a guest appearance by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. I, along with many others, purchased tickets to the concert in the hopes of seeing KISS, or at least Gene and Paul, perform alongside Momoclo.

Guess what didn't happen.

After listening to the song twice in a row in the form of Momoclo's music video and their live performance in Tokyo with KISS, Paul and Gene show up on stage, accept some dipsy award from the head of AX, and walk off stage. No duet. No single performance. Both of them appeared in a business suit, graciously accepted the POS award, and walked away.


The concert then continued with Momoclo showing up, performing the same song a third time, and then being interviewed in small groups by Danny Choo, the emcee for the event. The concert was more or less a 2 hour "Watch Anime Expo staff pat themselves on their back" performance and less of an actual concert. I, as well as many other people, left the concert prior to the encore, simply because the concert was more about watching music videos of live performances and less ...well..performance.

Thoroughly disgusted with the whole affair, I was not surprised when it was announced that neither Momoclo nor KISS would have an autograph session at AX. We were informed that both groups signed 50 posters and that these posters would be randomly sent by those who had purchased tickets for the event. I didn't think much of it, and then, in August, I received an e-mail stating that I had won. I originally thought it was a hoax until I saw a couple of people mention the e-mail on Facebook. Over a month later, the poster finally showed up...but AX being AX, sent it the cheapest way possible and in a flimsy cardboard envelope with no plastic covering, hard board, or anything else that could remotely protect it. I consider myself fortunate that USPS didn't completely mash up the poster and that there's just one small dent.

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