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Azusa Maxima
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Added 8/2/2015
Updated 8/2/2015
Shikishi sketch featuring Sumika from Muv-Luv Alternative ( マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ
), signed and drawn by the series manga artist, Azusa Maxima (Makijima).

Maxima was guest at Anime Expo 2015. When he was first announced, I thought "That ass is back?!" after his fickle behavior in 2012. I wondered if I'd again be paying $200 for a rando sketch. While my collector friends were buzzing about getting sketches of their favorite waifu, I recalled what happened in 2012 and told them to lower their expectations..

Time is the great equalizer, and the three years that had passed had made him more humble. Maybe it was maturity..maybe the poor ratings from the anime version of MuvLuv had weakened his spirit, but Maxima had changed. He had predrawn ten shikishi, but by the time I had gotten up to buy one, the two characters I wanted were gone. It then was announced that we could request whomever we wanted and then pick it up the next day, so of course I asked for Sumika. The requests were stopped after DrScorpio made his request, for a total of three.i had heard that getting sketches from Maxima got more difficult as the days passed as their staff limited the amount of sketches they'd give to exhibitor and VIP badges.

If you're wondering why I opted for Sumika, in addition to the redhead factor, I wanted to have a set. I now have a Sumika sketch drawn by her original creator, Sou Miyata, and that of the mangaka.

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