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Yoko Takahashi
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Added 7/31/2015
Shikishi board signed by Japanese singer, Yoko Takahashi ( 高橋 洋子 ). Takahashi is perhaps best known for the opening song , "Cruel Angel's Thesis" from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Takahashi was a special guest at Anime Expo 2015. Her autograph session was not announced. Had a new friend, Lawrence, not noticed that there were tickets for her unannounced autograph session, we would have never known about it. I had later heard that only 55 people showed up for her autograph session, a number that would have been at least double had it been announced. Seeing as how the line to get autograph tickets was crazy even by the time I arrived at 4:45am, I can only imagine how many times worse the line would have been had her autograph session been announced.

I brought with me two colored markers as I absolutely detest permanent markers. Nothing kills a shikishi more than permanent markers. I handed her a pink marker as green was the only other color I had on me at the time.

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