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Added 6/30/2015
This is from Episode 6 from the first season of Chihayafuru when, in an attempt to keep Kanade from leaving the club,, Chihaya accepts to participate in traditional Japanese clothes for all karuta tournaments. Kanade's family happens to run a kimono shop and they desperately need a model for their spring catalog. Kanade strikes a deal with Chihaya, a tall redhead teenage girl ; Model for the catalog and Kanade will continue to participate in karuta. This particular sketch comes from when Chihaya enter's Kanade's family store and this is the first kimono she sees. As a thanks for helping the family out, Chihaya is allowed to keep this outfit, and it's one she wears for important matches.

This is definitely a young woman's kimono as the fabric and colors are very bright. As a woman ages, the colors in her kimono become more demure. I really liked the colors used in the background and for the obe's design.

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