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Haruka Terui
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Added 6/6/2015
Updated 6/19/2015
Board signed by the voice of Yuki Yuuna from Yuki Yuna is a Hero Haruka Terui ( 照井 春佳 ).

Terui was a special guest at SakuraCon 2015, and was sponsored by PonyCanyon. While PonyCan hasn't managed to incur my wrath yet, their pricing structure is similar to Aniplex, and they too are hoping to gain a foothold in the US. PonyCan bet its money on Terui, hoping that her cuteness would sucker hundreds of fanboys into buying the first Yuki Yuna is a Hero DVD/Blu-Ray release.

Judging from MechaBoy's reaction (I had to suffer through "Kawaii Haru-chan!" fanboying for two days), I'd say it worked.

With Terui's character, Yuki, wearing pink, I opted to give Terui a pink copic marker. She thought quite highly of it, not only because it was Yuki's color, but because pink seems to be the official color at SakuraCon.

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