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Sailor Pluto
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Added 3/16/2015
Updated 3/26/2015
Sketch of Sailor Mercury signed and drawn by Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach character designer, Kazuko Tadano ( 只野 和子 ).

Tadano was the first character designer for the Sailor Moon series. Her designs were used for the first two Sailor Moon seasons as well as the first Sailor Moon movie. I've never particularly cared for her interpretation of the characters as it feels as if the designs would be more at home in a 1980s anime instead of one from the 1990s.

Tadano and her husband, Hiromi Matsushita, were special guests at PMX 2014. I knew that I would have to attend as it had been years since she had attended a con in the US. Although not a large convention, Tadano had one of the largest autograph lines I'd seen of any PMX guest. I was very happy to be one of a handful of people who were able to get a sketch from her.

Although Sailor Pluto appeared briefly during the Sailor Moon R, I had never seen a sketch of her done by Tadano. Thinking that this would be my sole chance at not only seeing but getting one, I asked Tadano to draw her.

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