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Episode 46
Source: TV
Layers: 3
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Cel Number: A-1E, B-1, C-10E
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Added 2/20/2015
Updated 3/9/2018
"No one is here."

Sakura has failed. She selected The Wood card, a spirit ruled by same alignment that Yue, the proctor of Sakura's test and one of two guardians of the Clow Cards, controls. As a condition of her defeat, Sakura will lose all memories created through the Clow Cards. This means that all the memories and bonds she has created with those around her no longer exist. While surrounded by the vines of The Wood card, Sakura experiences what her memory loss would entail; Everyone she cares for has forgotten about her. Running to the home that she remembers Yukito lived in, Sakura sees that the property has been abandoned, with Yukito’s deserted house covered in a thicket of bamboo. Running into the house and out into the backyard, Sakura hopes to find the most important person in her world, but instead, she is all alone.

Episode 46 is the final of three episodes that marks the end of the 'Clow Card' Arc of the Cardcaptor Sakura saga. In this particular episode, after finding herself minutes away from losing Yue's test and her memories, Sakura's teacher appears to aide her.

From Episode 46 - "Sakura to Saigo no Shinpan" (Sakura & the Final Judgment).

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