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Faye Valentine
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Added 1/25/2015
Updated 9/7/2020
Shikishi sketch featuring Faye drawn and signed by Cowboy Bebop character designer, Toshihiro Kawamoto ( 川元 利浩 ).

Kawamoto was a guest at AM2 in 2012. I attended a special panel open to VIP attendees, and both Kawamoto and the other artistic guest at the con, Hiroshi Nagahama, spoke about their experiences in the anime industry. At the end of the panel, a couple of us asked if Kawamoto would be ok with a commission. His translator told us he would sketch for us, to pick it up tomorrow and to not expect much. He following day, we hung around after his panel, and we're amazed to find that he drew a detailed sketch for all three of us. In return, we went out and picked up Kawamoto a nice gift certificate as thanks.

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