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Light & Ryuuk
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Added 10/29/2014
Updated 10/29/2014
Shikishi board featuring Light Yagami and Ryuuk from Death Note, drawn and signed by the series' animation director, Mamoru Yokota ( 横田 守 ).

So, this was won at the infamous Mamoru Yokota special auction at Fanime in 2011. This auction was held in May 2011 with all funds supposedly going to the Tohoku Earthquake Relief efforts.

Or so we thought.

What happened was that Yokota took the money and, for the most part, pocketed it. When Fanime staff enquires about the funds, he filled up his car with some food items from Costco, took a picture of it and sent it to them as proof of him using the money for charity. And that would have been fine had the auction not raised over 30,000 dollars.

Due to this incident, Fanime has sworn off ever inviting Yokota again.

This shikishi part of a set; The shikishi featuring L has the other half portion of Ryuuk's face in orange.

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