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Added 7/21/2014
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board signed the original character designer ofBlack Rock Shooter , huke ( 福家 亮平 ).

huke was a special guest of GoodSmile at AX 2013. There were a lot of people who came from Japan to greet him, and huke decided that he didn't want anyone to see him. Unlike many artists who choose to opt out of photos during their autograph session, huke went in with a full military face mask and camouflage. I had never seen any guest go that far to protect their identity. Additionally, huke refused to draw for anyone. I was first in his line on Friday, waited three hours and all I got was an autograph. And AX being AX, the line was a total joke, with people cutting in the line until they handed out hour before the autograph session began.

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