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Haruhiko Mikimoto
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Added 7/20/2014
Color print signed by character designer ofMegazone 23 &Macross II, Haruhiko Mikimoto ( 美樹本 晴彦 ).

The Memorial Holiday weekend of 2013 was, in terms of conventions, a mess. I had the option of attending a local convention that dropped the ball on their guest list and failed to get anyone notable, or travel 3000 miles for what would largely amount to a seiyuu-fest. I chose the latter and headed to Animazement in North Carolina.

Let me say that Mikimoto is a grouch. And I'm not just saying this because I, and a couple other fans, waited hours in the hope of getting a sketch, only to be handed this. No, what I'm referring to is his overall opinion of fans of his work. During his panel, I asked if he kept any of the production artwork he worked on as many artists do. Instead of answering the question, he launched into a diatribe about how it's all junk, and that people who collect cels and artwork are obsessive, sick people. And I'm just like "Wow. You're a douche."

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