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La Blue Girl
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Added 12/5/2013
Updated 8/17/2014
Comic page featuring Miko Midou , signed and drawn by Toshio Maeda ( 前田 俊夫 ), creator & artist of La Blue Girl ( 淫獣学園 ) and Urotsukidoji ( 超神伝説うろつき童子 ).

Day 2 of Big Wow, and I decide to tone it down by wearing something a bit more feminine since the fujoshi shirt got me into far more trouble than I could have imagined. I thought it was really nice that Maeda was willing to draw a couple of things for me, and I felt bad for his wife having to bum around there, so I stopped by and picked her up some portable antibacterial soaps at Bath & Body Works and a cute kitty holder to use on her purse. I placed these in a nice bag and handed them to Maeda. I told them they were for his wife since she was really nice to try to help out so much the day before, despite the language barrier. He asked if he could check the gift. I thought that was odd - I mean, it's just soap, nothing odd and inappropriate. I told him it was fine, and then not only did he check to see that it was soap, but then he also opened up the lid and smelled every one. And I'm scratching my head, thinking "Do people normally slip your wife a gift? Like, has she ever received a bottle of perfume and there just happen to be some there?" But, whatevers. He smiled and told me he liked the present, and that she would like it too. Then he presented me with three sketches, and told me he'd finish the fourth in time for AX. The other two sketches were gifts for friends, one of which can be seen in DrScorpio's gallery.

I decided to keep this one because I loved Ninnin's eyes. Maeda cuts out pre-drawn patterns and then pastes those into the parts of the sketch where he wants to give it some texture, so Miko's ribbon is all textured. He does a really good job with his sketches.

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