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Yuuko Ishihara
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Added 11/6/2013
Updated 8/17/2014
Sketch of Yuuko from xxxHolic, drawn and signed by the series character designer, Kazuchika Kise ( 黄瀬 和哉 ). Kise has worked as a character designer for all xxxHolic incarnations.

This sketch, and all the colored sketches, can about in a weird way. I was second in line, and I figured that I'd just get another black and white sketch of my favorite Space-Time Witch, when the guy in front of me decided to bust out with the copics. Now, while I always have at least once set on me when I go to cons, rarely do I ever pull them out if there's a lot of people in line. I feel it's kinda rude to ask for color when that just takes time away from others. So, the guy goes up, puts his copics in front of Kise-sensei, and he uses them. So, of course, now everyone wants a colored sketch and those of us who have copics become very popular. When he saw me, he asked "Yuuko?" and I nodded.

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