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Yuuko Ishihara
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Added 11/6/2013
Updated 8/17/2014
Sketch of Yuuko from xxxHolic, drawn and signed by the series character designer, Kazuchika Kise ( 黄瀬 和哉 ). Kise has worked as a character designer for all xxxHolic incarnations.

Every year, I religiously post a couple names on topics dedicated to guest request on various convention forums. And I realize that these requests have less than a .001% chance of ever being met. But at AX 2013, they ended up getting not one, but two of the guests that I requested. One of these guests was Kise. Kise has worked on a plethora of anime since the 1980s.

I think Kise suspected that everyone meeting him would want something from ARISE, so when I was the first to ask him for Yuuko, he was really surprised. One of my friends, who isn't a member of this board, asked him for a sketch of Momiji from Blue Seed, which shocked him even more. I soon became known as the Yuuko fan, so every time he saw me, he knew what I wanted. But, what can I say...Yuuko is one of my favorite anime characters and I had to get as many sketches of her as I could.

Check out DrScorpio's sketch of Yuuko before you leave ♪

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