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Ken Sugimori
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Added 10/12/2013
Updated 8/19/2014
Shikishi board ( 色紙 抽プレ
) featuring Sawk ( ダゲキ ), signed and drawn by Ken Sugimori ( 杉森建 ), main Pokemon artist and creator of the first 151 Pokemon.

Those of you who know me may also know that I love Pokemon, especially the Nintendo games. Loved it ever since Pokemon arrived on US shores and got my entire dorm hooked on the whole monster crew. We even took over a theatre (along with other college students) for the midnight premiere of Pokemon The First Movie. And while I'm not as obsessed with the anime as I was almost 15 years ago, I do enjoy the video games and look forward to each subsequent generation of Pokemon released.

This particular sketch was given away as a prize in November 2010 as part of a promotion that FamiMart ran to celebrate the release of Pokemon Black & Pokemon White in Japan. Black and White marked the start of Generation V and introduced 52 new Pokemon. With the release of Pokemon X & Y in the US, I'm celebrating by making this viewable to all.

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