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Added 6/23/2013
Updated 6/23/2013
Mary "Stormer" Phillips from Jem.

Jem was the Sailor Moon of the 1980s. It was a show about a group of musicians who would travel around, change into all sorts of different outfits, and save the day by saving the orphan house where most of them lived as children from whatever enemy of the day wanted to take it over. Jem, the lead singer of the principle main group, was the alter-ego of Jerrica, a former orphan turned musician. Jerrica had these spectacular earings that she could use to transform her into Jem, and of course, as a 6 year old, I had a pair too. Sadly, they didn't work like they did in the show.

Stormer, the songwriter for Jem's rival group, "The Misfits", was one of my favorite characters on the show. Unlike the rest of her fellow bandmates, Stormer was kind and caring, and was often taunted by her bandmates because, although she was a prankster, she could never get behind the mean spirited things the rest of the girls would do to Jem. She was also unappreciated, and in a way, as a child, I identified with her.

This particular cel is a model (settei) cel used to highlight one of her various fashions used during the creation of the series.

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