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Saban Moon
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Added 5/11/2013
The US version of Sailor Moon's "Moon Tiara Action" attack..

This cel was intended to be used for the US version of 'Sailor Moon'. In 1993, Toei was floating the idea of releasing 'Sailor Moon' in the US. A joint project between Toon Makers and Fox wanted to make Sailor Moon a partial live action / animation project. This project was titled 'Project Y' by Toon Makers, however, fans refer to it as 'Saban Moon'. Some clips of the show can be found on Youtube, however, the quality is not very good.

Like most 1990s US animation projects, the SabanMoon project featured a multicultural group of girls - Sailor Moon was a blond, Venus was Hispanic, Mars was Asian, Jupiter was Black and Mercury was a handicapped redhead. Recently, some cels and a priliminary script have been released, and show that the original pilot featured the girls riding across the galaxy in windsurfers as they try to outrun Queen Beryl and her armada ship.

This project was scrapped because the cost for redesigning the series was more than Bandai wanted to pay, hence, the US received a dubbed/edited version of the series, rather than this monstrosity.

What's funny is that it appears that most of the animation for this particular sequence was copied (and shortened) from the original, Japanese version. Sailor Moon does not twirl around as her tiara transforms into a frisbee, but it seems to do this almost automatically. The cels I've seen from this sequence show her posing with it, and when her hand returns to the screen, it's now a frisbee. Crazy stuff.

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