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Animazement 2011
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Added 5/5/2013
Updated 5/6/2013
Shikishi board signed by every guest of honor at Animazement 2011 including Hidenori Matsubara ( 松原 秀典 ), Masao Maruyama ( 丸山 正雄 ), Ryusei Nakao ( 中尾 隆聖 ), Jouji Nakata ( 中田 譲治 ) and Hiroaki Hirata ( 平田 広明 ). Skuld sketch done by Ah! My Goddess character designer, Hidenori Matsubara.

I'm usually one to pass up signed items. I'm not a collector who is interested in autographs. However, I had to make an exception in this case because this shikishi board has been touched by the men who voice two of my favorite characters - Nakata, who voices Giroro from Keroro Gunso / Sgt. Frog and Hirata, who voices Wild Tiger from Tiger & Bunny.


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