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Episode 147
Source: TV
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Added 4/30/2013
Updated 4/22/2017
"That's the typical pattern for falling in love at first sight.."

"Mako-chan fell for it."

After dancing with a dreamy, redhaired man, Makoto thinks about how wonderful it would be to have a boyfriend like him.

Episode 147 is an episode that's dedicated primarily to Makoto facing the reality of her physical limitations in a society that does not think that she fits that ideal. Despite being very ladylike and a great dancer, Makoto is often ignored due to her height. But in this episode, one of the villains, Tigerseye, decides to dance with her in the hopes of attracting the other women he's looking to victimize to dance with him. After dancing with her and being swamped by other adoring women, Tigerseye falsely promises her that he will return to dance with her. Makoto, believing him, patiently waits for him to return. When he doesn't return, Makoto confronts him, only to be told that the reason she's going to have her Dream Mirror violated was because she decided to trust him too much.

My only complaint with this cel is that a previous owner separated the cel from the background, even though it was apparently very stuck to it. However, I love that this image was featured on a trading card in the Amada PP 14 collection.

From Episode 147 - " Unmei no Patona? Makoto no Junjou" (The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence).

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