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Added 4/30/2013
Updated 4/30/2013
Shikishi board signed by the members of FictionJunction - Kaori Oda ( 織田かおり ), Keiko Kubota ( 窪田啓子 ), Wakana Ootaki ( 大滝若菜 ) & Yuriko Kaida ( 貝田由里子 ).

Yuki Kajiura and FictionJunction were the headlining musical guests for Anime Expo 2012. While I like many of their songs, and that of Keiko and Wakana's main group, Kalafina, it was not my main draw to the convention. However, having a free ticket and not much going on that evening, I opted to go see their concert. Their concert was definitely one of the better convention concerts that I've attended.

This particular shikishi was obtained during their first of two autograph sessions. There weren't many people in attendance for this session, however, we were informed by AX staff that vacationers from a Japanese sightseeing company had paid mega bucks and thus, were VIPs and got to go first. This really wasn't a problem for most of us in line as there were only about 10 or so of these VIPs. I observed as one woman wanted signatures from the two Kalafina members and Kajiura, but instead of asking for their autograph, the woman gave a small trinket to the other two women. I thought that was kind of odd - If you don't want their autograph, why not just do them the courtesy of asking for it, and then maybe offer it to a Japanese fan when you get home? I don't know...

I figured it would be fun to have each of the members sign in a different color, so I handed each member a different colored marker. I'm rather happy with how it came out.

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