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Episode 1
Source: TV
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Key Cel
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Original Unmatching Background

Added 4/10/2013
Updated 9/27/2017

Asleep in her bed, a young girl in Tokyo begins to have a strange dream of future events.

This is the first episode cel that starts the show. This cel is used several times throughout the first season, especially as new characters that Sakura meets unlock further clues to her dream. It is especially highlighted in Episode 40, when, thanks to The Dream card's influence, Sakura goes into this dream and speaks to her unconscious.

This was the one CCS cel I wanted - I absolutely love Sakura's dream sequence, and I especially love Episode 40. I would have loved to have found the matching background for it, but this one works well too.

From Episode 1 - Sakura no Fushigi na Mahou no Houn (Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book).

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