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Moon Stream
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Added 1/13/2013
Shikishi board signed by Satsuki ( 砂月 ) and Tomo Asaha ( 浅葉智 ).

Moon Stream, a Japanese visual kei group, were special guests at PMX 2012. Satsuki, the former singer of Rentrer en Soi, and Tomo, the ex-guitarist of Echostream, held two concerts there. The first night the performers played in full visual kei dress, with flair that would easily make any 80s pop group jealous. Although I enjoyed most of the music, I had a great time watching grown arse women fight each other for plastic flowers. I was amazed that some of their fans traveled from Japan just to see them, and had their moves totally memorized.

The second night, however, was "gutter" night. That meant that there would be stripping involved. And, there was....and, I have to say that I was slightly disappointed. I was really hoping that the men would be a bit toned, but instead, they were kinda scrawny. I think I was the only one there who shouted to encourage them to put their shirts back on. -_-'

Anyways, I did enjoy watching more women fight for their stuff again, especially used water bottles. Apparently, those are "indirect kisses". I think they're a great way to get Gonorrhea.

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