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Added 12/25/2012
"Kobato, I see you still haven't reconciled with Fujimoto."

Domoto brings up the problem that Kobato has been worrying about - Fujimoto's indifferent attitude.

Episode 19, and its following episode, draw upon the memories of the two main characters, Kobato and her coworker, Fujimoto. This particular episode exposes the trauma that Fujimoto experienced in his past, and why he has such a cold disposition.

Cut 44 marks the start of a Christmas dreamlike sequence. The next four cuts feature Christmas scenery, including ornaments, Christmas trees and many other common sights that one might experience if they were visiting a European Christmas market. What's interesting is that many of the backgrounds in cuts 44 through 48 were designed from various pictures that staff found on blogs online. Some of the production notes feature the original photo that the scene was taken from, and many of these photos include watermarks from the website where they can be found. I included the picture that was originally found online, and the additions that the background staff made to complete the scene. This background consists of two separate pieces that were layered on top of each other.

From Episode 19 - ...White Christmas ( …ホワイトクリスマス。)

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