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Just like Costco!
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Added 12/24/2012
During the walk to Kobato's house, Domoto asks Kobato what she'd like for Christmas. Kobato responds that, thanks to the successful bazaar at the day care in an earlier episode, she's earned enough money to buy the children Christmas presents. Domoto asks her again and tells her that he wants to get a present just for her. As they near the rotisserie chicken, a famished Ioryogi sniffs the air.

Episode 19, and its following episode, draw upon the memories of the two main characters, Kobato and her coworker, Fujimoto. This particular episode exposes the trauma that Fujimoto experienced in his past, and why he has such a cold disposition.

I like that this particular background highlights another Japanese Christmas tradition - chicken dinners. This tradition was introduced to Japan in the 1971 by an American who wanted turkey for his Christmas dinner, only to find out that it was not available there. So, he did the next best thing - head to the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken (in this case, it was the branch in Aoyama) and pick up a bucket of the Coronel's Famouse Recipe. The tradition caught on, and KFCs popped up all over Japan. Today, KFC claims that "Japan has a custom of chicken on Christmas, and the origin of that custom is KFC".

From Episode 19 - ...White Christmas ( …ホワイトクリスマス。)

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