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Madoka Ayukawa
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Added 12/22/2012
Updated 8/17/2014
Framed sketch featuring Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road( きまぐれオレンジ☆ロード ), signed and drawn by the series' creator, Izumi Matsumoto ( まつもと 泉).

Izumi Matsumoto was the GoFA Guest of Honor at Anime Expo 2011. Like usual, GoFA held an exhibit of their guest's artwork, but unlike previous years, you could actually buy the original artwork displayed.

Despite the price tag, these sketches sold out within two hours of the convention hall opening its doors on the first day. When I purchased this sketch, GoFA made me fill out quite a bit of documentation, including handing them a copy of my address and phone number.

Like previous exhibits of Matsumoto's work, his artwork was collected into a book called Seasons. This particular sketch is the featured sketch for the Winter season and was also featured on the wrapper of the book. I can think of no better way to celebrate the changing of the season from Autumn to Winter than with this sketch.

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