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Added 10/20/2012
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring Ginko, drawn and signed by Mushishi director, Hiroshi Nagahama ( 長濱 博史 色紙 抽プレ ).

AM2 2012 was not as well organized as it could have been. I have to admit that I really hate it when conventions decide to put guests that I'm interested in meeting not only on the same day, but in the same time frame. And that's what happened at AM2 in 2012; Both Toshiro Kawamoto & Hiroshi Nagahama were both scheduled to hold their panels and autograph sessions Saturday afternoon.

I won this item during the charity auction held on the final day during the fiasco that was Nagahama's autograph line.

Due to a series of circumstances, I was one of a handful of people that was able to sit through Nagahama's panel. Since there were so very few people around, I decided to ask him if he was allowed to keep any of the production artwork from any of the anime he's worked on, and if so, what was his favorite item. Nagahama had to ponder that one, and told me that although that was a very difficult to answer, it was an excellent question. He eventually decided upon the entire set of episode introductory cards for Mushishi because he loved the calligraphy involved. While Nagahama said that he thoroughly enjoyed working on all the projects that he helped produced, Mushishi was the anime that was nearest and dearest to him.

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