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Added 7/19/2012
Hanken featuring Souseiseki ( 蒼星石 ) & Suiseiseki ( 翠星石 ) from Rozen Maiden ( ローゼンメイデン ) created for an art exhibition. This hanken was created by Madhouse.

So, this is a rather odd item. It is part of a set of three hankens originally designed for a Rozen Maiden art exhibition in Tokyo. I believe there were originally three different cels created for this exposé. All of them were created by Madhouse, even though it was Studio Nomad that did the animation work for this anime.

I purchased this at Anime Expo 2010 from a seller who only had this hanken and the Canaria / Hinaichigo hanken for sale as well. I have no idea where the Shinku and Suigintou hanken(s) are, but I'd like to hope that they're being taken of in someone's collection.

Souseiseki & Suiseiseki were my favorite Rozen Maiden dolls. I always felt bad that, no matter what they did, they could never end up together.

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