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Episode 3
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Added 2/13/2012
Updated 4/2/2016
As a special reward for their valiant efforts, Sanosuke Harada & Shinpachi Nagakura take Chizuru to the festival.

Hakouki Shinsengumi Kitan is the first of two anime seasons dedicated to the Hakuouki otome game series. The story revolves around a young girl, Chizuru, who runs into the shinsengumi while trying to look for her missing father. After discovering their bloodlust is due to consumption of a potion of her father's creation, the shinsengumi allow Chizuru to reside with them in order to prevent that secret from being made public. Thrust into multiple situations with each of the male characters, Chizuru's destiny will be determined by the man she chooses.

Yeah...I hate to admit it, but I've been drawn to this anime simply because of the eye the point that I actually bought a PSP just so I could play the new game. Speaking of which, to celebrate it's release this week, I'm uploading this awesome rilezu of Sanosuke. Un-yuu!

From Episode 3 - "Yoiyami ni saku hana"(Twilight Blossom).

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