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Added 2/12/2012
Updated 3/29/2017
Shikishi board sketch of Hitagi, drawn and signed by Bakemonogatari & Nisemonogatari original character designer , VOfan ( 戴 源亨 ).

I received this sketch at SakuraCon 2011. I thought the whole experience of SakuraCon was rather depressing. It felt as if the attendees really didn't matter. Nobody knew what was going on. The whole convention felt like one big episode of hurrying to wait in line. In my opinion, it was the worst convention that I've ever attended.

Jo Chen had her autograph session the same time as VOfan did. I was near the front of the line, and we were told that there wouldn't be any sketches. I was rather disappointed as I had purposely lined up hours in advance just for a VOfan sketch, but, didn't argue. After they signed my shikishi, I ran into another shikishi collector with a press badge on the way out. He was waiting to take pictures, so I figured that I'd hang out with him and, if there was time after the line cleared, I'd see if VOfan would sketch. The line cleared faster than expected, and then I, another girl and a Japanese fan decided to ask for sketches. That's when things got ugly.

Jo began to protest in Chinese, and both artists and the guest relationships director went behind the curtains to have a discussion. A long discussion, in private, and in Chinese. All three of us were left standing in front of the desk for a good ten minutes, wondering if, with Jo's protests if we were just wasting our time. A couple of minutes later, both Jo and VOfan came out and sat down. We were informed that they were both willing to sketch. The other two flocked to VOfan.

VOfan was pretty laid back and was happy to sketch. After Jo Chen's shenanigans, VOfan's sketch felt as it if were a reward for having to deal with her.

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