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Episode 15
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Added 1/26/2012
Updated 10/10/2014
"That's dangerous, Li. Stop it!"

This particular cel comes from the first few minutes of Episode 15. Sakura and Syaoran have gone out on another night Clow Capture adventure, with Tomoyo, in raincoat and camcorder in hand, happily standing by. Their opponent tonight is The Storm card whose freezing rain and wind is keeping the two cardcaptors at bay. While Sakura has been blown away by the wind, Syaoran plods toward the card. In this particular scene, Syaoran is nearing The Storm, and is seconds away from being blown into the eye of the storm.

From Episode 15 - "Sakura to Kero no Oogenka" (Sakura & Kero's Big Fight).

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