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Katsuyuki Hirano
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Added 12/18/2011
Updated 8/19/2014
Shikishi board featuring Ellis, signed & drawn by Idea Factory Record of Agarest War ( アガレスト戦記 ) character designer, Katsuyuki Hirano ( 平野勝之 ).

Kenta Sugano and his co-worker, Katsuyuki Hirano, were the video game guests at AX 2011. Their panel was one of the first on the first day of AX. While you would think that this would mean that their panel would be largely neglected, a large group of mostly male attendees showed up for what ended up being a buffet of nymph-like girls in compromised positions. But, my patience and pluck paid off, and I was able to secure a ticket to Sugano & Hirano's first of two autograph sessions.

Although being one of the first in line, their autograph panel went relatively fast. Sugano would sign his name and then would pass the shikishi to Hirano, who, in turn, would draw the little character on the bottom of the board. If you handed Hirano a board, he'd sign his name and draw the same character as well. Once the autograph line was finished, Hirano drew for those still in attendance.

I was informed by someone who attended the second autograph session that Hirano only drew four sketches, but they were very detailed. I'm quite pleased with the sketch that I received.

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