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Akihiko Yamashita
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Added 11/20/2011
Updated 11/20/2011
Shikishi board signed and drawn by Howl's Moving Castle animation director and Giant Robo character designer, Akihiko Yamashita ( 山下 明彦 ).

Yamashita was a guest at AM2 2011. Like most conventions, AM2 required that you attend the guest panel in order to find out when the autograph session would be held. The panel was very interesting. Yamashita mentioned that he really enjoyed working for Ghibli because the environment was clean and more relaxed than the studios he had previously worked at. He was also very excited about the new Ghibli movie, The Secret World of Arrietty.

I was one of the first in the signature line, so, I got this sketch of Howl & Calcifer. Yamashita asked me if I recognized Calcifer, and all I could remember is that Billy Crystal did his dub voice. Massive fail on my part. Prior to the convention, AM2's website mentioned that Yamashita was a Star Trek fan. I picked up a Hallmark talking Phaser ornament for Yamashita and handed it to him prior to his autograph session. The AM2 handlers were upset with me for directly giving the gift to Yamashita, but he could care less. He thought it was a pretty nifty gift.

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