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Miho Shimogasa
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Added 11/20/2011
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board signed and drawn by Sailor Moon Sailor Stars animation director and Demashitaa! Power Puff Girls Z character designer, Miho Shimogasa ( 下笠 美穂 ).

Shimogasa was a guest at AM2 2011 and was the sole reason I decided to attend this convention. Like most conventions, AM2 required that you attend the guest panel in order to find out when the autograph session would be held. The panel was very interesting. Shimogasa stated that her favorite Sailor Moon character was Sailor Chibimoon. Shimogasa also mentioned that her favorite project that she worked on was Power Puff Girls Z.

I was one of the first in the signature line, so, I got this sketch of Sailor Moon. Shimogasa had small graphics of characters from each of the productions she worked on in order to reference it. Prior to the convention, the AM2 website mentioned Shimogasa mentioned that she was a fan of Kyle XY and wanted to buy some Sour Patches candy as it was not available in Japan. Prior to handing her the shikishi, I gave her a large package of the candy as a present. As several others gave her candy as well, I'm sure she went home with a suitcase full of it.

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