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Angel's Feather
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Added 10/7/2011
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring Shou Hamura ( 羽村翔 ) from Angel's Feather ( エンジェルズフェザ ), drawn and signed by the series' character designer, Kazue Yamamoto ( 山本 和枝 ).

MangaGamer, a company that translates Japanese eroge into English, invited a couple of artists to Anime Expo 2011. Two of the artists, Alpha & Kazue Yamamoto, were not announced until a couple of days prior to the convention.

After the Open Autograph Session on the final day of the convention, I made one final trip around the Exhibit Hall to see if I missed anything. While passing the MangaGamer booth, I noticed that there were several Yamamoto shikishi around that they were trying to get rid of. I originally intended to just select a few of them, but ended up buying several more as they seemed to be quite nicer than the sketches that I had bought earlier.

Ok...scratch that...there were neglected shikishi bishies! I *had* to buy them.

Each sketch was done on the back of a shikishi board that was originally designed for the "Dream Party 2011" events in Tokyo and Osaka. Both events were held for charity this year due to the tsunami and earthquake that occurred in Northern Japan earlier this year.

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