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Izumo 2
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Added 9/30/2011
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring Asuka Shiratori ( 白鳥 明日香 ) from Izumo 2 Gakuen Kyousoukyoku ( IZUMO2 学園狂想曲 ), drawn and signed by the series' character designer, Kazue Yamamoto ( 山本 和枝 ).

MangaGamer, a company that translates Japanese eroge into English, invited a couple of artists to Anime Expo 2011. Two of the artists, Alpha & Kazue Yamamoto, were not announced until a couple of days prior to the convention.

Both Yamamoto & Alpha signed and sketched for two days of the convention, and this was obtained on the final day of their appearance.

The colored shikishi that appeared on the last day of their signing is due to a collaboration of several collectors. On the last day, Yamamoto began her day relatively alone. No one was lining up for her as everyone was making a bee line for Alpha. DrScorpio, I, and another collector who spoke Japanese, felt bad that no one wanted any artwork from her, and we decided we'd ask her if she'd be willing to draw in color. I took out my shiny COPICs and handed them to her. She said she'd color, and, at least in my case, she only asked for a couple of dollars for the sketch. All three of us managed to get a nice colored sketch from her while others held our place in the Alpha line. No sooner had we brought back our colored goodies that word got out that Yamamoto would draw in color, and people began flocking to her booth with COPICs in tow. It made me happy to see so many people line up for her, and she soon had a line that rivaled Alpha's line.

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