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Izumo 2
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Added 9/30/2011
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring Mai Kitagawa ( 北河 麻衣 ) from "Izumo 2 Gakuen Kyousoukyoku" ( IZUMO2 学園狂想曲 ), drawn and signed by the series' character designer, Kazue Yamamoto ( 山本 和枝 ).

MangaGamer, a company that translates Japanese eroge into English, invited a couple of artists to Anime Expo 2011. Two of the artists, Alpha & Kazue Yamamoto, were not announced until a couple of days prior to the convention.

Both Yamamoto & Alpha signed and sketched for two days of the convention, and this was obtained on the final day of their appearance. I arrived early and lined up with several others. Shortly after I received the first sketch on Saturday, Yamamoto would draw on other shikishi rather than the ones that she brought with her.

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