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Rei Hiroe
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Added 7/29/2011
Updated 7/7/2018
Poster signed by Black Lagoon creator & artist, Rei Hiroe ( 広江 礼威 ).

AX 2010 was a cluster-f. I have never seen a convention so poorly run in my life, and this was largely due to the experienced staff members leaving for greener pastures due to the incompetence of AX management. But internal issues aside, Hiroe was at AX 2010 to advertise the release of the first season of Black Lagoon in the US. However, as his appearance was promotional, the anime distributor would not allow Hiroe to sign anything that was not the poster. So, while it was nice that they gave out posters, I, as well as many other fans who attended the panels and autograph sessions were not pleased with the limitation. This is the first of two signed posters I received, and the only one I will likely display as this one does not include my name on it. In both sessions that I attended, photography was not permitted.

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