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Added 5/4/2011
Updated 8/17/2014
Manga page featuring Kugen Tenko from "Our Home's Fox Deity" / "Wagaya no Onarisama" ( 我が家のお稲荷さま。 ), drawn and signed by the series' manga illustrator, Houdeneizou ( 放電映像 ) .

Despite not being much of a "slice of life" manga fan, I have to admit that I like this manga, far more than I liked the anime. The manga starts out with two brothers, Noboru Takagami and his younger brother, Toru. When Toru is attacked by a demonic spirit, Noboru releases the seal on his family shrine's fox deity to rescue Toru. The fox spirit, known as Kugen, realizes that Toru has a special ability to draw spirits to him, and thus decides to reside with both brothers in order to protect them. In order to blend in to the human world, Kugen opts for the form of a human woman. However, she is unable to mask her fox identity completely, and tries to hide her fox ears by covering them with a hat.

I thought this drawing was really cute, which is why I absolutely had to have it. Houdeneizou created a few variants of this pose, but all of the other ones feature a tail being added to the fox creature.

This sketch was a special prize featured in several copies of the first volume of the Japanese version of "Our Home's Fox Deity".

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