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Kazue Kato
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Added 4/18/2011
Updated 9/7/2020
Shikishi board ( 色紙 抽プレ
) featuring Rin Okamura, signed and drawn by Kazue Kato ( 加藤 和恵 ), creator & artist of Blue Exorcist ( 青の祓魔師 ).

I absolutely love this manga. Classic story of good versus evil featuring a teenager who, although seems to be Satan's most powerful offspring, would rather fight evil than fight for it. Throw in an exorcist school with uniforms similar to those in "Harry Potter", odd classmates and a knowledgeable teacher who'd rather cuss and drink than do her job, and you have a classic recipe for success. To celebrate the anime's debut, I'm updating with this shikishi.

This particular sketch was given away as a prize in the June 2010 Jump Square issue. The item came with its original congratulatory letter.

Update 9/7/2020 - I decided to redo the main scan since it was created at a time when I didn't have an oversized scanner.

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