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Motoo Koyama
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Added 2/3/2011
Updated 8/17/2014
Inside cover drawn and signed by Naozari Dungeon creator, Motoo Koyama ( こやま 基夫 ).

Welcome to the Year of the (Cutie)Bunny! 2011 is the Lunar Year of the Bunny, and to celebrate, I figured that this little guy could start the festivities.

Motoo Koyama is not well known outside of Japan, despite running a very successful manga series in Japan from 1985-1996 called Naozari Dungeon. For some reason, even though the hiragana and English on the Japanese volumes say otherwise, in the US, this manga is known as Ozanari Dungeon. This sketch was drawn into a reprint of volume one. Normally, I don't like to purchase signed manga since they take up more space, but, for this hyper bunny, I made an exception.

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