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Kira Kira
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Added 1/5/2011
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring Kirari Shiino from Kira Kira, drawn and signed by OVERDRIVE artist, Shinji Katakura ( 片倉 真二 ).

Kira Kira is an eroge, or hentai game. The story revolves around Shikanosuke, the story's male protagonist, and his female partners, Kirari, Sarina and Chie. All four attend the Christian high school Ohbi Gakuen, and are the only four members of the Daini Bungeibu (Second Literary Club). Their club was about to be disbanded when the group decides to form a rock band called the Daini Bungeibu Bando, or d2b, for short. In order to make it an all girl band, Shikanosuke dresses in drag and goes by the name of Shikako. After the quartet's popular school festival performance was broadcast on the internet, the group goes on to perform throughout Japan. Kirari is the group's singer and second guitarist. Despite her family's poverty, Kirari is always upbeat and smiling.

Katakura also drew characters from "Kira Kira" the year before, however, when this shikishi is placed next to his 2009 work, there's quite a bit of improvement. Katakura was, by far, my favorite of the artists at the MangaGamer booth in 2010. He spent a lot of time working on each sketch, especially on the colored items.

Kirari appears to have been the fan favorite, and most of the requests he received were for Kirari. I believe that Kirari may be Katakura's favorite as well. Unlike the other artwork I commissioned, this was the only time when he requested a day to complete it. I'm really pleased with the results.

Here's a clip from the "Kira Kira Rock" eroge.

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