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Sailor Moon S
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Added 12/28/2010
Updated 8/19/2014
"Ah, beautiful Earth. I shall make it even more beautiful. And Earth shall be mine!"

Princess Snow Kaguya unleashes a snowy storm to transform the planet below into a icy crystal.

Snow Kaguya seemed, to me, the most vile of the three movie villains. She wants everyone frozen. Period. And, similar to every other Sailor Moon plot, it's up to the heroines in Sailor suits to save the day.

Unlike a lot of Americans, I celebrate my 'christmas' on January 6. On the eve of January 5, La Befana, the good witch, descends the mountains in a flurry of snow and ice to bring sugary gifts to the children of Italy on her way to visit Christ child. I figured that there would be no better way to celebrate the holiday this year than to update with a snow witch.

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