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Added 11/29/2010
Updated 11/24/2011
Shikishi board signed by J-pop artist and Macross Frontier seiyuu, May'n.

So, normally, before a convention, I really try to watch stuff that guests have worked on. I figured that, before I went to Anime Expo 2010, that it would be nice to watch the much hyped "Macross Frontier". After all, I told myself, seeing how the two main seiyuu will be there, it'll be good to familiarize myself with their work.

I really tried to watch this anime. I figured I'd be swayed with the bishie guy with violet hair. But the fact that he can't choose which woman he wants to be with *really* pissed me off. Not only that, but he keeps stringing them along under the guise that they both bring out his best aspects. (tears hair out) Ggggrrrrr! Just pick one, already...and preferably not that annoying green haired chic, Ranka Lee.

....Apparently, everyone else in the world is a fan of Ranka, which would explain why, both times, there was a massive line for her seiyuu. The line for May'n was pretty short - I think I only waited about five minutes to obtain her signature on the last day.

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