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Light Yagami
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Added 10/23/2010
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring Light Yagami from Death Note, drawn and signed by the series' animation director, Mamoru Yokota ( 横田 守 ).

(gets posh) "So...I heard that you were single. Did I mention that I give really"

I know better to go for bad boy characters. I really do. There's a reason why he's referred to as a 'killer' in katakana. But, curses, why is it that they have to make them so darn sexy?! I mean, come've seen that DVD picture of him with the bare chest?! What woman wouldn't want to come home to one of those?

(End of overly obsessive fangirl rant)

I was really impressed with Yokota's work on the L sketch that he drew for me the day before, and, despite being scheduled to work later that night, I made it my personal mission to head to the convention center and ask him to draw Light Yagami. Only 20 people showed up to see Yokota on the final day of the convention, and once again, I was first in line. As Yokota walked by us, he mentioned, in Japanese, that we were the same people who showed up yesterday.

By the end of Fanime, I was on good terms with several other people who, like myself, thought nothing of waiting in autograph lines for hours to get something. Some of us were really impressed with Yokota's work that we brought some gifts for him. My gift was a kinderegg (chocolate egg with a really nifty encapsulated toy).

If you've met Yokota in real life, you'd notice that he's a pretty big boy. And while a lot of people would assume that that is because he has a large appetite, I always try to think that there are other reasons why people look the way that they do. But, the excitement and absolute look of delight that Yokota exhibited upon being presented chocolate made me think that he really likes food. So much so that another fan's gift of wine from the Francis Ford Coppola Estate was neglected in order to spend more time obsessing about chocolate. It's a shame that he didn't take a bite out of the egg while I was there; I would have loved to have seen his expression upon discovering the toy hidden inside the capsule.

I love the detail in Light's eyes - is it murderous intent, or is he just happy to see me?

I'd like think it's the latter.

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