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Added 10/23/2010
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring L from Death Note, signed and drawn by the series' director, Mamoru Yokota ( 横田 守 ).

Mamoru Yokota was one of the Guests of Honor at Fanime 2010. He held two signature sessions, and, I was determined to go to both, especially after he drew such a nifty sketch of L. I wanted the complete set of L and Light, and fortunately, I was able to acquire it.

I managed to be the first one in line for both sessions. Unlike the other shikishi drawn that day, mine was the only one that would use color. The translator asked if I could take pictures of him, and he stated that he would only permit me to take photos of him, and only for personal usage. So, while I don't have any pictures of Yokota drawing Light, I do have quite a few of him drawing L.

Unlike the other shikishi updates featuring incredibly attractive bishounen, this update will have none of the trademarked "OCB" (that's Obsessive Compulsive Bunny) comments. And that's because I don't like L. Yes, he's far too smart for his own good, and yes, he's well known for his clever ways. But, I find his method for exposing Light as being far too obnoxious to enjoy. However, I figured that I had to get both characters in order to have a complete set.

Oddly enough, Yokota mentioned that he would not draw Misa, the other Death Note holder. I don't know why, but a few of the guys in line were a bit disappointed about that.

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