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Riho Kaguya
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Added 10/2/2010
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi sketch featuring Riho Kaguya from DearDrops, drawn and signed by Fujimaru ( 藤丸 ) .

DearDrops, another delicious eroge from the friendly folks at OverDrive, is the latest installment in the *anything with a girl band* genre that has ruled the anime industry since the introduction of K-ON!. While I'm all for stuff featuring empowered ladies, I'd like some variety. Adding different colored hair and school uniforms does not constitute variety.

Riho and Kanade, both of whom vie for the songstress position, seem to be the most popular female characters in this game. They're polar opposites. Riho, the stronger, more independent of the two, never smiles and enjoys freaky sessions with the male lead, Shoichi. Kanade, on the other hand, is the pure and innocent siren, who genuinely falls for Shoichi.

This was the last sketch that I purchased at Anime Expo 2010. I didn't think they'd take any requests on the final day, but, Fujimaru assured me that he'd have it completed in thirty minutes. I told him that I didn't need it that quickly, and, if he wanted, to just his time. At the time I requested this drawing, I had no clue who the characters were. But, Fujimaru was hard at work on another shikishi featuring Riho, and it looked really good. So, I requested Riho, and, I'm really happy with the results.

A song featuring Riho goodness!

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