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Sailor Moon R
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Added 9/30/2010
Updated 8/19/2014
"What are you afraid of?"

Cornered due to Fiore's grasp on her tranformation brooch, Usagi fights with her only weapon left - her kind heart.

Usagi is physically exhausted. After using the 'Sailor Teleport' to travel to Fiore's asteroid, she's taken a serious beating after trying to rescue her boyfriend and the captured Inner Senshi. And, as the viewer knows from the first season, when Sailormoon is at her breaking point, she unleashes the power of her life draining crystal, the ginzuishou. And while she'll tell everyone that she'll survive, the viewer wonders who she is really trying to convince - the viewer or herself. It's a trait that she'll continually show throughout the series.

Ok, so, you know how I've said that it takes me, from the time of acquisition, three years to update with an item? Well, guess what?

It only took me two years, 11 months and 2 days! There may be hope for me after all!!


I've always been a fan of the range of emotions that Usagi's animators gave her, and the expression in this cel is no different. Usagi is disgusted that Fiore has no qualms about killing everyone in order to keep Mamoru by his side. But, despite her fatigue, instead of giving into that bitterness, Usagi genuinely feels sorry for Fiore. And it's Usagi's pure feelings that will be the catalyst in the ginzuishou's transformation.

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