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Halko Momoi
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Added 9/5/2010
Updated 8/19/2011
Shikishi board signed by musician and seiyuu, Halko Momoi.

Well, I figured that, if I was going to update with the Komugi shikishi, that I also needed to add the woman who gave Komugi a voice, Halko Momoi.

First of all, let me say that I am known for doing random things. I probably should have been diagnosed with ADD, but, I think the doctors fear giving me meds more than my ADD-escapades. And they're probably right. But I seriously see nothing wrong with driving 15 miles for Japanese 'Jigoku Shoujo' brown sugar candies. At 8 pm. Just because.

But Halko Momoi's antics outshine anything that I could ever do. Even on a bad day.

Momoi is known for randomly popping up at places, at all hours of the day or night, in Akihabara. Her claim to fame is that she used to sing, dance and run around Akihabara in the 1990s. At 32, she still does this.

Ah, there still is hope for me!

Momoi was one of the guests at Fanime, and, in order to make the small con a little more exciting, Fanime organized a game called "Momoi Quest". In it, Momoi would appear at random times and in random places, and if you saw her, you'd get a little stamp on a card. If you received 6 stamps, you'd get a little prize.

However, that's where the problems began.

According to the organizers that I befriended at Fanime, Momoi's randomness was troublesome. If any of her translators turned their back on her, she'd run away and go to the nearest mall, one hour before she was scheduled to appear at an event. This caused quite a few problems at Fanime.

However, putting Momoi's high jinks aside, her fans are what completely blew me away. They've been trained - if Momoi motions her right hand one way, her fans bop around in place. If she wiggles a finger, the fans begin to dance around the room. If Ivan Pavlov and his dogs were still around, they'd be jealous.

But the real fun happened in line. I was standing behind two much older, die-hard fans. Here's an excerpt from my conversation with them.

Fan: So, you're waiting for Momoi's signature too?

Bunny: (perplexed, I mean, why else would I be waiting here?) Yup.

Fan: My husband & I are her biggest fans!

Bunny: Ok.

Fan: (squeeling) We even have the same blood type!

Bunny (seriously starting to worry..): K.

Fan, pointing to the shirt she's wearing: See this shirt? My husband made it by himself.

Bunny, looking at shirt with a photoshopped picture of Momoi as a mermaid: K.

Fan: Oh, you didn't know? Halko luuuuves collecting shirts! And we're going to give her one of these.

Bunny: K.

Fan: (dreamily) And I'm going to have her sign the shirt I'm wearing! And my husband is going to get her CD collection signed! We bought them at the convention. They were very expensive.

Fan's husband: Yeah, we got the last ones too.(giggle)

Bunny: K.

Fan: We have extra shirts. You could buy one and she'll sign it for you!

Bunny: No thanks. I actually brought this shikishi board for her to sign.

Fan: A what? What's that?

Bunny: They're items that you give to famous people to sign in Japan.

Fan, looking at her CDs, dejected: Oh.

At the convention, Momoi was also selling some concert shirts that she had specially designed by her favorite shirt company, Mars Sixteen. Of course, they were only available in two hideous colors - neon green and orange. (shivers)

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