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Akio Watanabe
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Added 9/4/2010
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring Komugi Takahara, signed & drawn by the character designer for Soul Taker, Nurse Witch Komugi & Bakemonogatari, Akio Watanabe ( 渡辺 明夫 ).

Yup. This shikishi was definitely a little witch to obtain.

Akio Watanabe, also known under the pen name of Poyoyon Rock, was one of nine artists that MangaGamer featured at their booth at Anime Expo 2010. Oh, how I wanted to buy shikishi from all nine artists. It was my goal. I must have looked like a rabid troll, stalking the MangaGamer booths at AX, wondering when the elusive artists would set up shop.

And unfortunately for me, those artists set up while I was in line for other autographs -_-'

Unlike Fumio & Kuuchuu, Watanabe was cool enough to have a second shikishi session. I was informed to arrive at the MangaGamer booth by 10 am on Sunday. So, Sunday morning, I figured I'd head over earlier and troll around the booth until they created the line. This was at 9:15am.

I was number eight in line, and only the first ten were going to receive a sketch. At 9:18am, Watanabe stopped taking requests, having drawn 20 items at AX.

When I returned to the MangaGamer booth half an hour before the convention hall closed, Watanabe was finishing up the drawings. He, like most of the artists at the booths, would not allow you take any pictures. I was very impressed that not only did he complete 10 shikishi in 6 hours, but, he also created unique poses on every board. He also took pictures of every shikishi he drew before he personally handed it to you. I thought that was rather interesting considering how rampant forgeries are in the shikishi collecting world.

After contacting another shikishi collector on RS, we decided to do an Akio Watanabe update together. Check out DrScorpio's spiffy Hitagi shikishi!

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