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Yuu Minamoto
Source: TV
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Added 8/19/2010
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board ( 色紙 ) signed & drawn by the creator of Asu no Yoichi!, Kanaete Aizen & Dog Style, Yuu Minamoto ( みなもと 悠 ).

I really like Minamoto's work on this sketch. I found Dog Style particularly entertaining. I'm seriously hoping for a part 2, one where the perverted evil scientist grandfather decides to make a male dog/human hybrid for another of his innocent relatives. In fact, I'll volunteer to be the naive relative. I mean, how much fun would it be to have some semi-naked, GQ lookin' dog-man following you around & beating up any other guy simply for talking *his* female?

(phone o' reality rings) Oh, wha....that's just me? No other woman would seriously want that? REALLY?!

(sigh) Well...I think this character is a male. Minamoto likes gender-bender characters as well. Since the signature dates from 2002, it was drawn years before any of her more well-known projects were released.

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